Calypso Queen Competition

From Antigua and Barbuda Calypso

The Calypso Queen Competition is an calypso competition for females which has been held periodically since 1980. When it occurs, it forms part of the annual carnival celebrations. The competition was last held in 2009.


Year Winner Real Name Winning Song(s) Title #
1980 Calypso Joyce N/A N/A, N/A 1
1992 Lady Falcon Michelle Oscar The Apple, Got to Go 1
1993 Singing Althea Singing Althea Price to Pay, Groove Me 1
1994 Singing Althea Singing Althea Woman’s Plight, Just for Fun 2
1995 Singing Althea Singing Althea U Plus Me, Child of Jah 3
1996 Singing Sonia Sonia Wilkins N/A, N/A 1
1997 Singing Sonia Sonia Wilkins Employee Rights, Stay Single 2
1998 Gee Bee Gloria Benjamin Wap,Ah Come to Sing 1
2000 De Empress Vanessa Shipley We Don’t Want It Here, N/A 1
2001 Ivena Lena Philip Old Road Fight, Save Miss Calypso 1
2002 Ivena Lena Philip N/A, N/A 2
2003 Ivena Lena Philip Razor Lady, Robin Hood 3
2004 Ivena Lena Philip Reparations for Africa, After Lester 4
2005 Ivena Lena Philip Don’t Pressure Me, What Did Castro Tell You Mr. Spencer 5
2006 Singing Althea Althea Williams Lock She Up, Every Sunrise Has a Sun Set 4
2007 Singing Althea Althea Williams De Wrong Road, N/A 5
2008 Singing Althea Althea Williams N/A, N/A 6
2009 Ivena Lena Philip VC Bird Wouldn’t Eat Shawarma, N/A 6



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