2023 Calypso Releases

From Antigua and Barbuda Calypso

The following is a list of songs that were released, recorded, or performed for the 2023 carnival season.

Name Stage Name Song Title
Richie Francis Richie Francis Afritigua
Richie Francis Richie Francis Carnival Day
Eugene Silcott Kaseba Salutation
Eugene Silcott Kaseba The Second Coming
Eugene Silcott Kaseba Carnival Is Here
Jermaine Samuel Singing Sudden Taxi English
Jermaine Samuel Singing Sudden Life Goes On
Tyreke Lewis Vicious Elements Of Mas
Tyreke Lewis Vicious Tribute To The Lost
Ogliver Jacobs Destroyer Sr. Barabbas
Ogliver Jacobs Destroyer Sr. Childhood Memories
Leston Jacobs Young Destroyer Respect Your Own
Peetron Thomas Peetron Comrade
Peetron Thomas Peetron Miss Coochy
Romel Diggs Romel Forks No Spoons
Gloria Benjamin GB Rumours, Fake News & Lies
Vernon Benjamin Dr. Solo Sir Viv Said No
Adelza Sheridan MeLypNoStick Tek Back Man
King Kan Antigua Move
Mokaya High Praises
Daulton Francis Abumba Whey De Black Consciousness Gone?
Lester Willock Willie Wawa Can't Be Right
Glenroy Joseph Epic Byke Look Good
Ijah Move Ya Batty Just So
Reynold Jarvis Mighty Rover Make This Country A Republic
Lady Raw Who's Looking At That
Omari King Omari Black Sheep
Omari King Omari Afro Kaiso Jam
Samantha Cummings Sammie C Good Music
Zocio Do Things Right
Ge'Eve Philip Ge'Eve Tone It Down
Ge'Eve Philip Ge'Eve All Rights
Royalty Calypso Crying
Okra Slyme Roxanne
Eleston Adams Dr. Paul The Oath
Dion Browne Supa D House Speaker
Ras Kantu DNA
Lady Melody Introspection
Survivor What's The Evil of Singing Calypso
Hugh James Spider My Antigua
Stansha My Sweet Calypso
Chucky Wanted Update
Faithful Roll Call
Rocky Dan I'm Singing With
Leston Jacobs Young Destroyer Respect Our Own
Vernon Benjamin Dr. Solo Sir Viv Said No
De Gargo Antiguan Woman