2022 Calypso Releases

From Antigua and Barbuda Calypso

The following is a list of songs that were released, recorded, or performed for the 2022 carnival season.

Name Stage Name Song Title
Trevor King Zacari All For Dem None For We
Trevor King Zacari Of A Darker Hue
Reynold Jarvis Mighty Rover Pan Tuner
Reynold Jarvis Mighty Rover We Want A Leader
Trevaughn Weston LyricksMan Peggle Jam
Trevaughn Weston LyricksMan Consequences Of Child Abuse
Dion Browne Supa D Hip Hip Hip For Gaston Browne
Dion Browne Supa D Covid Can't Stop The Carnival
Lester Willock Willie Wawa Calypso Soca
Lester Willock Willie Wawa Farewell
Daulton Francis Abumba A Taking A Whine
Daulton Francis Abumba It's De Melanin
Glenroy Joseph Epic Byke Lock Down Mass
Thalia King Thalia Risk and Rewards
Thalia King Thalia One Man Panorama
George Massiah Redding Get Tested
George Massiah Redding Ivy Jumping Up
Samantha Cummings Sammie C Black Man Redemption
Samantha Cummings Sammie C I Live For This
Omari King Omari Until We Meet Again
Omari King Omari Calypso Fever
Bush-I Payne Revelation For Cory
Bevon Barthley Famus Face All Ah Dem Is De Same
Bevon Barthley Famus Face It's Carnival Baby
Edmond Blaize De Arc Dog Eat Dog World
Edmond Blaize De Arc Up In It
Kimberly King Kimmy Put A Ring On It
Tian Winter Tian Ah Don't Need Dat
Tian Winter Tian In De Dance
Peetron Thomas Peetron Hypocrites
Charlesworth Samuel Jr. Ezra Anointed Black Man Disease
Bernard Henry Mokaya Parliament
Eugene Silcott Kaseba My Views
Hayworth O'Marde Bandit Put It Een
Ge'Eve Philip Ge'Eve Small But Me Tallawa
Carl Jarvis Stumpy Thinking About Tomorrow
Richie Francis Richie Francis Oh Antigua
Richie Francis Richie Francis Peace
Gloria Benjamin Gee Bee Better Than That
Gloria Benjamin Gee Bee Keep Your Distance
Zinke Henry Black Mahdi Now I Know
Zinke Henry Black Mahdi Open De Gate
Dalik Dyer Island Prince Manners Maketh Man
Eustace Samuel Zocio Tribute To Edimelo
Eustace Samuel Zocio Live It In Style
George Henry Faithful A And B
George Henry Faithful Out On De Road
Keithroy Morson De Bear Our Forefathers Vision
Keithroy Morson De Bear The Vision
Kantu Parker Ras Kantu Let The Pan Play
Kantu Parker Ras Kantu Mr. Browne
Dennis Roberts Menace Red Handed
Tyreke Lewis Vicious Rooster Alarm
Ogliver Jacobs Destroyer Message To Sean
Ogliver Jacobs Destroyer Bring Back Some For Me
Adelza Sheridan Melypnostick Fete Carn Dun
Adelza Sheridan Melypnostick No Clothes And Dem Shoes No Love Dem
Adelza Sheridan Melypnostick He'll Be Greatly Missed
De Apostle Robby Wet Down The Pussy
Jermaine Samuel Singing Sudden B.O.B.
Jermaine Samuel Singing Sudden Until Election
Wasim Braithwaite Young Squilly Calypso
Wasim Braithwaite Young Squilly She Wishing Bad
Wasim Braithwaite Young Squilly Star Gal
Jerry Peters De Dagger They Don't Care
Hugh James Spider Can't Wait To Party
Okra Slyme Farmers Only
Baldhead Woman Look Good
Musical Instructor Mash Up De Covid Line
JM Meat Kind
Str8888 Antigua Nice
David Edwards Lord Satellite Mac Bernie
De Garjo Ben Dun
The Singing Chef Prophecy
Croif Crypto