Template:Infobox album/doc/type/doc

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Used in other documentation pages to display a table that lists the supported types with their associated display, and on request the associated link and/or color code.

  • {{Infobox album/doc/type}} displays the table with types and displays
  • {{Infobox album/doc/type|link=Link}} displays the table with types, links and displays
  • {{Infobox album/doc/type|color=Color}} displays the table with types, colors and displays
  • {{Infobox album/doc/type|color=Color|link=Link}} displays the table with types, colors, links and displays


{{Infobox album/doc/type|color=Color|link=Link}} produces

CodeColorLink Display
studiolightsteelblueStudio album
Studio album by artist
demolightsteelblueDemo album
Demo album by artist
EP by artist
liveburlywoodLive album
Live album by artist
greatestdarkseagreenGreatest hits album
Greatest hits album by artist
remixdarkseagreenRemix album
Remix album by artist
boxdarkseagreenBox set
Box set by artist
compilationdarkseagreenCompilation album
Compilation album by artist
Mixtape by artist
soundtrackgainsboroSoundtrack album
Soundtrack album by artist
filmgainsboroFilm score
Film score by artist
castgainsboroCast recording
Cast recording by artist
video #99CCFFVideo
Video by artist
other by artist